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Users Resources

POST users


Create a new user.

Requires authentication

  • A valid access token must be provided in access_token parameter.

Since we can't have an access_token for the user that we will create, the application should provide its own access_token. To get one, use the client_credentials method.

The access_token should be sent using an HTTP header like so:

 Authorization: Bearer access_token

An example call with CURL:

 curl --header "Authorization: Bearer jLJeOz8aEIsKtGSdXsqTDGxmtEduUGkZTVJBo3We"


All parameters are required.

  • login - The username of the user. Must be between 3 and 20 characters, can only contain alpha-numeric characters as well as dashes and underscores. Must not already exist in database.
  • password - The password of the user. Must be at least 6 characters.
  • email - The email address of the user. Must be a valid email address. Must not already exist in database.

Example request:

curl --header "Authorization: Bearer jLJeOz8aEIsKtGSdXsqTDGxmtEduUGkZTVJBo3We" --data "login=newuser&password=azerty&[email protected]"

Return format

A JSON object containing the User object that has just been created.

User object:

  • id - ID of the user.
  • login - Login of the user.
  • email - Email address of the user.
  • last_visit - Date of creation of the user.
  • created_at - Date of creation of the user.

Some other computed attributes are added but they are not relevant.


All known errors cause the resource to return HTTP error code header together with a JSON array containing at least status and error keys describing the source of error.

  • 400 Bad Request — When the status key has got one of the following values: wrong_login, wrong_password, wrong_email.

error messages

  • If status is wrong_login: The login must be at least 3 characters., The login has already been taken., The login may only contain letters, numbers, and dashes., The login may not be greater than 20 characters.
  • If status is wrong_password: The password must be at least 6 characters.
  • If status is wrong_email: The email must be a valid email address., The email has already been taken.





With an HTTP code 201.

   "email":"[email protected]",
   "last_visit":"2014-05-25 06:50:02",
   "created_at":"2014-05-25 06:50:02",


For an error with HTTP code 400:

   "error":"The email must be a valid email address."

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