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Users Resources

GET users/:id


Returns detailed information of a user.

Requires authentication

  • A valid access token must be provided in access_token parameter.

The access_token should be sent using an HTTP header like so:

 Authorization: Bearer access_token

An example call with CURL:

 curl --header "Authorization: Bearer ZllAle9NZ11FkMyX5xm0evswWOTinrr5I26uLcGB"

Return format

A JSON object containing keys country_object and newsletters, where country_object is a Country object in small format and newsletters is a list of Newsletter object nested inside the User object with the following format:

  • user_id — The ID of the user subscribed to the newsletter.
  • type — The type of the newsletter. Possible values: daily|weekly
  • created_at - Indicates when the object was created. Example value: 2014-05-29 07:09:49

User object:

  • id - ID of the quote.
  • login - Username of the user.
  • email - Email address of the user.
  • birthdate - The birth date of the user. Format: YYYY-MM-DD
  • gender - Gender of the user. Possible values: M,F
  • country - ID of the country of the user.
  • city - City of the user.
  • about_me - User' self description.
  • last_visit - Last visit time of the user. Example: 2013-12-14 17:11:53
  • created_at - Tells when the user created its account. Example: 2013-12-14 17:11:53
  • profile_hidden - Tells if the user has got a hidden profile or not. Boolean value.
  • url_avatar - Full URL of the avatar of the user.
  • wants_notification_comment_quote - Tells if the user want to receive a notification when a comment is added on one of its published quotes. Boolean value.
  • is_admin - Tells if a user is an administrator. Boolean value.
  • total_comments - Total number of comments
  • favorite_count - Number of quotes added to the favorites of the user.
  • added_fav_count - Number of times where published quotes of the user where added to other users favorites.
  • published_quotes_count - Number of published quotes of the user.
  • is_subscribed_to_daily - true if the user wants to receive the daily newsletter. false otherwise.
  • is_subscribed_to_weekly - true if the user wants to receive the weekly newsletter. false otherwise.

The country_object has got the following format:

  • id - ID of the country.
  • name - English name of the country.
  • country_code - The ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code.


All known errors cause the resource to return HTTP error code header together with a JSON array containing at least status and error keys describing the source of error.

  • 404 Not Found — User with the specified ID does not exist.






   "email":"[email protected]",
   "city":"North Verlafort",
   "about_me":"Et veritatis id dolorem ex. Ut voluptatum in quia at aspernatur est vitae. Accusamus aliquid laudantium et aliquid error debitis vitae quod.",
   "last_visit":"2014-02-21 06:18:00",
   "created_at":"2014-06-03 07:00:28",
      "country_code": "TH"
         "created_at":"2014-06-03 07:00:55"


For an error with HTTP code 404:

   "error":"User not found."

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