Saturday, December 24, 2016

FavoriteQuotes Resources

POST favorites/:id


Add a quote in the user's favorites.

Requires authentication

  • A valid access token must be provided in access_token parameter.

The access_token should be sent using an HTTP header like so:

 Authorization: Bearer access_token

An example call with CURL:

 curl --header "Authorization: Bearer ZllAle9NZ11FkMyX5xm0evswWOTinrr5I26uLcGB" --data ""

Return format

A JSON object containing keys of the new FavoriteQuote object in the following format:

  • id - The ID of the new FavoriteQuote
  • quote_id - The ID of the Quote added to the user's favorites
  • user_id - The ID of the user currently adding the quote
  • created_at - Describes the date when the resource was created
  • updated_at - Describes the date when the resource was created


All known errors cause the resource to return HTTP error code header together with a JSON array containing at least status and error keys describing the source of error.

  • 400 Bad request — When the status key has got one of the following values: quote_not_found, quote_already_favorited.

error messages

The error messages are the following:

  • If status is quote_not_found: The quote #:id was not found.
  • If status is quote_already_favorited: The quote #:id was already favorited.
  • If status is quote_not_published: The quote #:id is not published.





With an HTTP code 201.

   "updated_at":"2014-05-24 14:14:38",
   "created_at":"2014-05-24 14:14:38",


For an error with HTTP code 400:

   "error":"The quote #750 was already favorited"

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