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Comments Resources

GET comments/:id


Returns detailed information of a single comment.

Requires authentication

  • A valid access token must be provided in access_token parameter.

The access_token should be sent using an HTTP header like so:

 Authorization: Bearer access_token

An example call with CURL:

 curl --header "Authorization: Bearer ZllAle9NZ11FkMyX5xm0evswWOTinrr5I26uLcGB"


All parameters are optional. If you don't provide these parameters the default values will be used:

  • quote - Adds information about the quote related to the comment for each comments if the value is true. Default is false.

Return format

A JSON object describing the Comment object. A User object describing the author of the comment is avaible inside the user key in small format. If the parameter quote is specified with the value true, the Quote object is in full format in the quote key.

Comment object:

  • id - ID of the comment.
  • content - The body of the comment.
  • quote_id - ID of the quote related to the comment.
  • user_id - ID of the author of the comment.
  • created_at - Date telling when the comment was submitted.

User object:

  • id - ID of the user.
  • login - Login of the user.
  • profile_hidden - Tells if the profile of the user should be hidden.
  • url_avatar - Full URL of the user's avatar.
  • wants_notification_comment_quote - Tells if the user wants to be notified when a comment is added on one of its quotes.
  • is_admin - True if the user is an administrator.

If the parameter quote is specified with the value true. Quote object:

  • id - ID of the quote.
  • content - Body of the quote
  • user_id - ID of the author of the quote.
  • approved - Tells the state of the quote. Since we are showing published quotes, approved will always be 1.
  • created_at - Date telling when the quote was submitted.
  • tags_list - An array of tags associated with the quote.
  • has_comments - Tells if a quote has comments.
  • total_comments - The number of comments for the quote.
  • is_favorite - Tells if the quote is in the favorite quotes of the user.
  • total_favorites - The number of times this quote was added to favorites.


All known errors cause the resource to return HTTP error code header together with a JSON array containing at least status and error keys describing the source of error.

  • 404 Not Found — Comment with the specified ID does not exist.






   "content":"Officia nihil vero quia molestias. Perspiciatis ex iusto pariatur quasi consequuntur sint assumenda. Numquam placeat est nihil qui doloremque maiores enim.",
   "created_at":"2016-01-08 06:10:46",
      "content":"Ipsam et numquam sed nulla et omnis optio. Rerum sint est iure neque quisquam sit. Vero ea ratione eveniet saepe nihil sunt.",
      "created_at":"2013-09-06 06:10:43",
      "tags_list": [


For an error with HTTP code 404:

   "error":"The comment #1500 was not found."

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